Le lenti orto-k correggono la vista mentre dormi. Devi solo indossare le tue lenti orto-k prima di coricarti e toglierle al mattino. Ti risveglierai vedendo un mondo più chiaro, nitido e naturale. Proprio per questo motivo, le lenti orto-k sono talvolta definite EyeDream.

Each night the process is repeated although some find they only need to wear their moulds every other night.  The elastic tissue of the eye is not harmed by this daily process. Perhaps an analogy that most of us have seen would be the ridges formed on the ankles by a snug fitting pair of socks.  The ridges eventually go away and the tissue remains healthy.  Ortho-K is reversible. It is not a permanent alteration of tissue and thus is an excellent LASIK alternative for those reluctant or unable to undergo a surgical alteration of their corneas.